Donate your lunch money to feed a student in need! For as little as $10 a month, you can provide two backpacks per month, 24 backpacks per year – feeding a hungry child that would otherwise be without that much-needed nourishment. Become a member of the Food For Thought Lunch Club and help feed students throughout the year. Think about the $10 you spend on ONE lunch during the week, and how this amount can impact a child to not be hungry over the weekend.  

Donate your lunch money once (or more!) a month to help feed a child for a year. There’s never been a more thoughtful way to spend your lunch money. #fftlunchclub 


We have set this campaign up to be recurring so you can elect to the amount donated to the lunch club each month ($10 minimum donation for 12 months):


Sign up below; reach out to with any questions. 


Thank you for your Support and for Joining our Lunch Club!




Contact with any questions

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